New Lucifer & Lilith Chapter

So, for those of you who know about my book, but don’t know about the fact that I also have a fictionpress account, allow me to remedy that fact. FictionPress and FanFiction are where I first started posting my writings and where the idea to publish The Kanta Chronicles first came to me. I have other stories on these sites and I’d like to invite everyone to check them out; links can be found on the home page of the site. Most are only one chapter long, shorter than 5000 words and an interesting read. The exception to this is the Lucifer & Lilith story, which after a year and a half, I finally posted the 32nd chapter to. The link to that story directly is this: Hope you all enjoy it, even though it’s a little different from The Kanta Chronicles. So finish the book, leave a review here, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters and Goodreads, and then read L&L and then leave a review on that site or here about that story. Thanks again for all the support!

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