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The Kanta Chronicles
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 by Lynn
The Kanta Chronicles

I just had the opportunity to do a quick edit to The Kanta Chronicles, and I have to say that I enjoyed the story very much. The characters were believable and well rounded, and the story kept me involved. I'd like to see more from Nick in the future.

 by Henry
Good, But There's Room For Improvement

As someone who has followed this story since it's FictionPress debut, I feel good about having a physical copy of the story that I've come to greatly enjoy. The book itself is well designed but I do wish that the map was a little bigger so I don't have to get a magnifying glass to find a certain location. As for the story, I really enjoyed it; the characters are fascinating, if a little too perfect at times, and the plot moves along at a brisk pace even though it's a bit generic. The scenes added from the online version are great additions and the cohesiveness is really tightened up so the three sections flow much better together. All these extra little flourishes show that Mr. Sutcliffe cares about his world and has thought through the history and development of Bolfodier.
All that being said however, there is still room for improvement in my opinion. As I said the main characters can come across as being too perfect at times and some of the plot lines are a little generic and seem to be resolved a little too easily. The kidnapping of Iselda is a perfect example; while her return is brought about in an interesting way, the resolution to her and Empress Annabelle's conflict basically boils down to "sorry, can we be friends again?"
But the good definitely outweighs the bad in this book and these are my little nitpicks and shouldn't influence your opinion too much. Can't wait for the next book!