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Welcome to bolfodier.ca, the official home of all things related to the world of Bolfodier and its creator: Nick Sutcliffe! On this blog, I will keep you up to date with all the goings on with regards to the publishing of The Kanta Chronicles, as well as any new material that I develop for not only the world of Bolfodier, but my other stories as well. I will try to add something at least once a week, but make no guarantees as to making this my official schedule. Like and follow the Facebook page for The Kanta Chronicles, and share your thoughts there as well so that more people can see and hear about this wonderful story. If you have time go and check out the pages as they will better showcase the type of writer that I am.



So please, indulge yourself in my writings and leave your thoughts here, there and/or on the Facebook page (link at the side of the page) as seeing those comments (whether good or bad) really does make my day and make it seem like this endeavour is truly worth it.