Pronunciation Guide

So, for those of you who’ve read x portion of my works, you’ll have undoubtedly realized that some of the names of people and places are a little hard to pronounce. So this page is going to be my guide to how you pronounce those names properly. I’ll write the word out how it should be said using real words to break down the pronunciation. The brackets will indicate a section of a word that is used, rather than the whole word; i.e. (li)brar(y) indicates that the brar sound from the word library is how you would pronounce the first syllable in Braria. Capitalized letters will be read as that letter, whereas lower case letters will be read as the sound that letter makes; i.e. T is read like t-shirt, but f is read like the ph sound in photo.

The Kanta Chronicles

Bolfodier- bowl foe die are
Braria- (li)brar(y) E a
Toxai- tox(ic) A
OJA- O ja(r)
Victorinox- victor in ox
Terang- t rang
Nosiop- noise E op
Noigler- noi(se) g (Chand)ler
Vagala- vag(ina) a la
Valva- valve a
Valya- val(ue) yeah
Cawdor- caw door
Holista- holist(er) a
Gothtor- goth tore
Nefas- knee fas(t)
Pitag- pit tag
Ichmensch- (f)ish mens ch(eer)
Vanus- van us
Clowia- k low E a
Blackreich- black Reich
Valle Ragaz- val(ley) ra(t) ga zz

Panken- pan ken
Iselda- is L (zel)da
Jazabel- jazz a bell
Brudas- brew d ass
Hados- hay dough s
Korena- core E na

Lucifer & Lilith

Erutrot- air ew trot
Karthaersis- cath(y) air sis
Daciana- da C ana
Shien- she N
Chthona- k th (ph)one a
Heolstor- he (h)olster
Epiales- E pie a l(th)ese
there are many other names, but as they are mostly from mythology, I’ll trust you to know how to pronounce them already

Supernaturalis Mortem

Iracundus- ear a cun(ning) d us
Medea- m(a) D a
Circe- sir C
Hecate- heck a T

That’s all the important names that come up more than once and I hope this helps all of you better hear the worlds of my works take place as you read it. But if there’s something that I left out, or you’re still unsure on something, leave a comment on this page and I’ll update it or try to better explain it.