About the Book

In the land of Bolfodier, the kingdom of Braria is ruled by the House of Kanta.

This Chronicle covers the lives of four members of the House of Kanta over two generations as each tries to survive the trials of leadership, destiny and love.

Through the good times and the bad, their family sticks together as their pasts come to haunt them, for even the nicest people have dark secrets.

The world of Bolfodier is quite different from our own. Most importantly, it has magic and the existence of their divinities is never in doubt. But what really sets Bolfodier apart are these facts: the sun rises in the north and sets in the south; the days are 25 hours long, each hour still being 60 minutes, all other units of time are the same, with the exception of there being 14 months in a year and each month is 30 days long; and finally, the more north you go the warmer it gets, and vice versa with the south.


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