Some Cool Things About the Ladies of the Night

While the book explains how the Ladies of the Night came into existence, it doesn’t go into how long they’ve been a part of Bolfodier. The story of Cadel Thymab and her daughter Pandora (the first true queen of the Ladies of the Night) is one of the first things that has a global impact in the story. We learn from Hados that Korena has been Annabelle for 15,000 years; and the creation of the Ladies of the Night was around 500 years after the death of Nina. So needless to say, they are the oldest society in Bolfodier, and having members come from all over the world has also made them one of the most knowledgeable about the secrets of the world. For instance, they knew that the Kanta family was the name the Vigmece clan took when they fled from Nefas, or that Hados was in love with a goddess trapped in the world above and that he couldn’t tell her. The wealth of knowledge that they have gathered over the years hidden away not only at Pandora’s Tomb but their other strongholds (more on those at a later date) would put the combined information of the Valin Twins’ library, the Terang castle libraries and those of the Sanctuary of Darkefyre (again, more to come later) to shame many times over. Basically, they know more about Bolfodier than anyone, save for its creators. For all the Game of Thrones fans, imagine if Littlefinger, Varys, Bloodraven and all the maesters of the Citadel came together to share their knowledge of Westeros and you can start to grasp the magnitude of the amount of history, power, secrets and random bits of trivia these women have at their disposal.
Another interesting fact about the Ladies of the Night is that they live longer lives than most people. Because they only age in moonlight, living up to 120 after their becoming a Lady of the Night, And considering that Pan dies of old age at the age of 67 (keeping in mind the longer years Bolfodier has when compared to Earth), we see how they are able to collect all the information that they’ve amassed over the millennia.

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