Updates and The Mirror of Rheta

First, as tomorrow is St. Patty’s Day, I’d like to wish everyone the luck of the Irish and a safe day of drinking for those of you old enough to do so. Secondly, I’m posting this week’s post early because I don’t believe I’ll have time to do so before it’s too late in the day. Thirdly, I’d like to give you all an update about how the book’s publishing process is coming along: greatly! On Wednesday I received the formatted version of the book to go over and make sure everything looks good. And I have to say that, as a whole (I haven’t taken the time to read every word yet), it looks pretty cool. It’s going to be about 600 pages, so hopefully you all will take the time to read each page; I included a special ‘Thank You’ page at the start, in which I give my deepest gratitude to you all for your support of not only The Kanta Chronicles, but of me as well. Lastly, I’d like to add another thank you to my friend Alicia, for agreeing to draw some character and location designs for those appearing in the book (I’ll leave a link to her art page below).
Now, for those of you who don’t know this about me, I love me some Beauty and the Beast and can’t wait to see the new movie. Belle was always my favourite princess and now to have the one and only Hermione Granger aka Emma Watson playing her is going to be just perfect. Now, I bring this up because, as one of my favourite Disney films, something from Beauty and the Beast of course makes a cameo in The Kanta Chronicles. And that something is the Beast’s magic mirror, which I used as my visual inspiration for the Mirror of Rheta. Those who have read the story on fictionpress (or more accurately, the third and final part) will know that the Mirror of Rheta is a minor MacGuffin that kicks off the start of the final chunk of the story. But something that you may not know is that the Mirror of Rheta’s power doesn’t come from it’s namesake, but is actually from Rheta’s lover Cosmar. On the eve of his death, Cosmar presented the Mirror to Rheta at a party to celebrate her upcoming birthday. Having a sorceress from Singia enchant the Mirror with its unique properties, Cosmar then convinced Rheta to use the Mirror in front of everyone to declare their love. But besides their eternal love for one another, the Mirror also revealed that Rheta was pregnant with Cosmar’s child. Sadly she miscarried due to the grief and stress of Cosmar’s death.

Let me know what you think of this backstory to the Mirror of Rheta. And don’t forget to check out Alicia’s art at: https://alicia091.wixsite.com/jtsartville. I’ll be posting her Kanta Chronicles related works as I receive them, both here on Facebook and on my website bolfodier.ca

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