Pan’s Influence on the Magic of the Twins

Since this Sunday is Father’s Day, I thought this week’s post would be about how Pan’s decision influenced the way in which his children’s magic worked. And that decision is when Iselda offers him to hold Nikki or Shade first. By his choosing Nikki, Pan created a bond between himself and his daughter (and by extension between his wife and son) that would last until his death. When the four of them first discuss Shade and Nikki’s powers at the end of the second third of the book, the twins mention that Shade has a stronger connection to his mother while Nikki has a stronger one to her father. And that is the direct effect of Pan’s decision to hold Nikki before Shade on the day they were born. Another way this decision influences the magic of the twins is by the strength of its influence. While it might not be directly stated in the book (I’d have to double check, but don’t have the time right now), Nikki’s power is able to read a greater number of people, whereas Shade affects people more strongly with his power.

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