My Favourite Characters

Since yesterday was my birthday, and I didn’t post anything last week, I’m going to take the opportunity to talk about my favourite characters and give you all a small glimpse inside the brighter side of my mind.

My first favourite character is Jazabel. Born randomly from my discovery of the band NIghtwish from a photo on YouTube of a song of theirs, Jazabel is probably my favourite character that I’ve ever created-if not, she’s on the top three. She’s beautiful, loving and one of the most powerful Ladies of the Night ever born. She’s aware of the balance that needs to be maintained in the world (between Light and Dark) and tries to keep it through all of her actions. Her fate is one that I wish I could take back, but I know the story needs it as a ‘inciting incident’ to the climax of the book. But it is through Jazabel that I explored the lines that separate good and evil, the depths of relationships one can experience and the powers of magics that aren’t from Hados, Korena or Lilith in Bolfodier. Jazabel was a truly unique individual within a story with a goddess in disguise, the most beautiful woman in existence, and people who love their best friends more than their wives. And it’s for these reasons and so many others that Jazabel Nyx is my favourite character.

Another one of my favourite characters is Korena. And my reasoning for this is more superficial than with Jazabel. Korena is first introduced, at least in the book, during the first conversation between Kailee and Iselda. She’s not mentioned by name, but she’s there. But her real introduction is the start of the second part of the book. And one of the reasons that Korena is one of my favourite characters is her true form. Obviously she’s beautiful, but the truly unique part of her beauty (at least for me) is her hair and eyes. Her eyes don’t have a set colour as it’s always changing, never staying one colour for more than a few seconds. Her hair is a beautiful blend of every colour of hair: red, blonde, brown, black, purple, white and every combination of these as they mix together. Korena also has one of my favourite line in the entire book, and whenever I reread it I’m always looking forward to the scene in which she says it.

And to close off, one of my favourite male characters: Shade Kanta. Shade is pure wish fulfillment on my part. He’s the person I wish I could be; being nearly perfect, loved by all who know him, and in the most stable and eternal of relationships. You often hear about writers making their characters like themselves or people they know, and I certainly did that with Pan; him being more like me as a person, whereas Shade is my dream self. There are few characters that I took inspiration from real people in the book, but there are one or two.

I hope you enjoyed this look at some of my favourite characters. Let me know who some of your favourite characters are and why in the comments. Also just to let you know, the book is just about finished, all that’s left to do is printing and spreading the word to everyone so they can hear about this great story and world I’ve crafted.

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