First 2 Chapters of The Visagar Chronicles Posted

Well would you look at me, I’ve posted two chapters to the newest story taking place in Bolfodier within the first two months of both announcing and and actually starting to write it. While this is a great step in the direction of progress on my end, lets not get ahead of ourselves and say my chronic procrastination is in remission/cured (because it never will be). But through sheer force of will, I’ve pushed myself to write more in my seemingly ever shrinking free time (anybody else working 6 days a week, only to be just scraping by?). If this bout of discipline keeps up, I hope to make it to the dragons by the start of summer (but we’ll see how well that goes as my track record with self imposed deadlines is shoddy at best, especially when I’m back in one of my favourite sandboxes). I think the next few chapters will focus around Sheik finding and recruiting those chosen by destiny before we head out to the main thrust of the plot. Within the next couple of weeks, I hope to have added some more stuff to my Patreon page, giving some profile info for the main (and maybe side?) characters, and just having some new content so that people maybe start actually giving to it. Also within the next few weeks (if not sooner) I’m hoping to have heard back from the publishers that I sent L&L and Supernatualis Mortem to, so keep your fingers crossed for that to be good news (I’ll definitely be giving an update here once I’ve heard back from them).

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