The Visagar Chronicles

Ok, so I was actually able to somewhat follow the schedule/deadline I’d set for myself back when I finished Supernaturalis Mortem back in May. And while I’m still hoping to get that and L&L published, I’m going to be starting to write the pseudo-sequel to The Kanta Chronicles, which I’ve decided to call The Visagar Chronicles. Set 2-5 centuries (I haven’t fully decided how much time I want to have had passed) after the end of TKC, this new story will focus on Sheik Visagar on their quest to return magic to Bolfodier. If you’d like a fuller plot breakdown, you can join my Patreon at the side/below where Patrons can now read a plot synopsis for this upcoming work. I’ll still be posting new chapters whenever I finish them to FictionPress, but some sneak peaks and additional info/lore will be posted there as it comes up, so be sure to check in every now and then. I’ll also be adding to the Pronunciation Guide for all the old stories, as well as this one, within the next few days. And hopefully, I’ll have the first chapter or so posted by the end of January/start of February. Can’t wait to see where this takes me, as I’ve got a lot of story beats bouncing around in my head.

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