2nd Edition and Audiobook Updates

Ok, so I know that I haven’t been updating very much recently, but that’s been mainly because I haven’t had much to report. I had to put the audiobook on hold for a bit to raise some capitol (I think I’m good now, but having some more wouldn’t hurt, so donate at my Patreon if you can), and nothing has really happened with L&L beside the few publishers that got back to me in the year and bit since I sent out the requests back in Sept. 2019 saying that they couldn’t do it at the time. Supernaturalis Mortem is slowly coming along, and I’m writing when I can.

But the big thing that I’ve been working on is getting a new printer to help get more copies of The Kanta Chronicles made up for everyone to enjoy. To do that, I enlisted the help of some local publishers by the name of Pine Lake Books. They’ve actually been really helpful and willing to get all this done quickly so that we can have copies out ASAP. I might even ask them to publish L&L to see if they can help bring that to a wider audience.

But that’s really all I got for now. Hopefully I can get the audiobook back into production soon to have it ready by sometime between Christmas and New Year’s. I hope everyone’s staying safe in these crazy times.

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