Removal of The Kanta Chronicles on Fictionpress

After much internal debate, and the knowledge that the book’s been released for over a year, I’ve decided to remove the three stories that became The Kanta Chronicles from the writing platform Fictionpress. Fictionpress is where I first started putting my writing out into the world, and where I was given the first incentive to actually publish my works. To everyone who took the time to read these stories and found any interest in them, thank you; I hope the changes I made in the book didn’t leave you feeling cheated. I still intend to use Fictionpress to test the waters with my new stories, and I will try to post chapters in a more regular interval. But in all honesty, I’ll post when I can force myself to sit down and write for more than five minutes.

One thought on “Removal of The Kanta Chronicles on Fictionpress”

  1. Do you have any suggestions for creating posts?
    That’s where I always struggle as well as I just wind up gazing empty screen for very long time.

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