One Year Later

As it’s been just about a year since the release of The Kanta Chronicles, and I haven’t posted anything on here for a couple of months, I wanted to take the time to give an bit of an update on the book. Over the past year I’ve given away and have had copies of the book bought from me in roughly the amount I expected. While I’m always carrying a couple of copies with me on the chance I run into someone wanting to read the book, to my limited knowledge only about 50 people or so have a copy. Now obviously I’d like that number to have a few more zeroes on the end, but as the old adage says ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ and alas, I’m sadly a beggar at this stage in life. But the good news is that for those of you who I’ve heard back from with regards to the book, the overall feedback has been quite positive. And that will always put a smile on my face, to hear that others enjoy my writing. But there is one thing that I request you do with those bouts of positive feedback-leave a review here at or at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Chapters/Indigo where by simply searching for The Kanta Chronicles, you can leave your thoughts. Even if you have only bad things to say, still leave your reviews. I can’t improve unless you, my readers tell me how to improve; and I want to be better for you.

Many of you have also asked about a potential sequel to the novel; and to answer your questions, yes I do have one in mind that I intend to write sometime in the future, but when I do is still up in the air. I’ve yet to finish my Lucifer and Lilith story (found here but once I do, I’ll be starting on either my sequel idea or another story combining 80’s slasher tropes with ancient magic in Roman times. Details on these stories can also be found on my fictionpress account.

Lastly, I’d like to say the HUGEST THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to everyone who has supported this endeavour (and by extension me) over the years. I hope you enjoy The Kanta Chronicles and all the upcoming material from yours truly.

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