Character Profile: Nikki Evelyn Kanta

Ok, so I know I haven’t posted anything in like 2 months, and I apologize for that (again my laziness is to blame, as with most delays in my works). But to make it up to you all, I’m going to give you a deeper look at one of the two characters that I named after myself, Nikki Kanta. And if anyone can find the other character, I’ll give you a special prize.

To start off, I thought I’d give you all an insight into the mind of my editor, who not only took the time to proof the story twice before publication, but to also answer my anxiety riddled questions on if I was any good and the like. I liked Nikki the most. I’m not sure I can explain why. I think because of her innocence and kindness, and how she is able to accept and support her brother’s bond with Jazabel even though she has her doubts and some jealousy at times. This was her response to who her favourite character was and to be honest I was a little surprised. I’ve already admitted who my favourite characters were (although I can’t really say that I have a definitive least favourite character), but to have someone say a character that isn’t your favourite is a bit weird the first time you encounter it. It’s like someone saying that their favourite Harry Potter character is Ron: as a main character it’s a total possibility but with how great Harry, Hermione and some of the other Weasleys are, it may be a bit disjointed to your opinions. And to have that experience, I’m truly grateful to my editor (not to mention everything else she did for the Kanta Chronicles).

For those of you who haven’t read the FictionPress version of the book, one of the things that I added to Nikki’s character was her relationship with Romulus. And while the book doesn’t give a whole lot of history between them, there is in the lore I’ve laid out for the world of Bolfodier. At the start of part two, Iselda mentions that Romulus, Shade and Nikki have all been having play-dates together and have become friends. Over the years, Romulus of course falls in love with Nikki; and while Nikki has always known this, she never does anything to deter his feelings. And although it would have been nearly impossible for her to not love Shade, had Braria rejected their love, it would have been Romulus who she would have taken as her husband. Shade would have been upset, but realizing it would have been the best of a bad situation, he would have never said a word (also, he would have chosen Jazabel, so he didn’t really have a right to complain, knowing how Nikki initially thought of her).

Another thing that isn’t really mentioned in the book is that Nikki is the older of the twins and what that means. On the day that Shade and Nikki were born, Iselda demanded that Sabrina never reveal which twin is older to anyone, fearing it may lead to strife between the two of them over who is the rightful ruler. So the fact that Iselda reveals that Nikki was born first in her letter is a very big deal, as she is essentially declaring Nikki the heir apparent to the throne, when everyone just assumed that Shade was the eldest and therefore the heir. This is actually a staple of my writing: the female twin is always the eldest, and usually the more powerful of the two.

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