Iselda’s Failed Attempt to Honour Korena

While it wasn’t on the top of her list of priorities upon her return to Terang (at the end of the second part of the book), Iselda was determined to have Braria’s currency shift away from gold and towards silver after hearing of the death of Nina. And while her friends and family were equally outraged by the tale of the goddess’ death, and supported her motion to make gold worthless, the idea is ultimately decided against because of gold’s importance to the greater Bolfodier community. Pan and Sabrina both bring up the point to truly have the average citizen disregard gold would be next to impossible without telling them why she was trying to have gold left by the wayside; something everyone realizes is a very dangerous secret that should not be revealed if they wish to keep Hados, Lilith and Korena safe. So, with a heavy heart and a tearful prayer to Korena, Iselda admits defeat on the issue, while resolving to try and have as much gold exchanged from Braria as she can in the remaining years of her reign.

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