First Chapters to Supernaturalis Mortem Released

So I know that I’m extremely notorious for not updating this as much as I should (and I’m very sorry about that) but hopefully that will change this coming year (one resolution that I have is to be more active with my writing than I’ve been in the past). But, like this title says, I’ve posted the first few chapters to fictionpress. I’ve taken a page from George R.R. Martin and named the chapters after the character’s whose POV it is from. Let me know what you think of this style and the story in general. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season!

New Writings

So, I’ve been working on the next book while I wait to hear back from literary agencies to help publish L&L. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect in my new story: Supernaturalis Mortem!

My sickness had finally caught up with me. As I crawled to the shrine of my goddess at the junction of the three roads, my lifeblood flows out through my fingers and onto the gravel. The great goddess, my goddess, Hecate had kept her promise; she’d kept me safe in the shadows all these years. And for that, I’d eternally be in her debt, should she ever need my services in the next life.

For sixteen years Hecate has protected me and my killings. For sixteen years have I wandered the world and killed indiscriminately. And for sixteen years, all Hecate has required of me for her protection is that whenever I come across anything dealing with the worship of her that I stop and offer a sacrifice of flesh, blood and bone. I think that the body of my final victim and myself, at the same altar that our covenant was first forged, would be proof enough that I have not ever faltered in my worship.

As I raise my bloody hand to the statuette of Hecate in the shrine, my dying eyes play the same trick on me they did all those years ago. For once my hand touched the image of my goddess, I could have sworn it looked upon me with a look both pleased and saddened. “O, goddess of the hidden,” I say. “My soul is yours, a-a-a-a final pay…ment for your protection.”

My strength has finally fled my dying body, as I fall to the ground. My last words, nigh, my last breath a praise to Hecate, my great goddess.

L&L Finally Finished

Well, after a few months (mostly spent not doing what I’m supposed to be doing) I’ve finally finished going through Lucifer & Lilith and have it ready to send to publishers! So over the next few weeks I’m going to try and shop around until I find someone who loves the story as much as I do and is willing to publish it for the world to fall in love with it. So wish me luck! And then once I’ve found someone to publish L&L, I’m going to start writing out the plot for my next story, which I’ll hopefully start writing by the summer (but I make no promises as work dramatically picks up then). Hopefully, Lucifer & Lilith will be on shelves sooner than we can hope.

PS If anyone has a good name for L&L that’s short, isn’t just their names and fits the story, please let me know, as I feel the current title is too wordy.

Writing Connections

Ok, so recently (as in my recent posts, not time because we all know how lacking I am in being punctual online) I’ve mentioned some of the tropes/connections between my two latest stories (The Kanta Chronicles and Lucifer & Lilith). And today, I’d like to give you guys some more of these so that you can always recognize my writings in the future. And while all of these aspects won’t always be in the story I’m writing, there’s sure to be a few.

Now, I’ve already mentioned how I use twins, and how the elder is usually the female and she’s more powerful than her younger brother. I’ve also said how I’ll usually take a name of a character in one story and give it to another; this is something that a lot of authors do I find and I’m just another practitioner of this hallowed tradition. Another thing that I constantly find myself doing is taking parts of stories from other authors and using them in my own while putting my own spin on it. This is what I did with Cadel Thymab in The Kanta Chronicles (for the full story there, there’s a early post about it). Another hallowed tradition that I fully subject my writing to is making allusions to other works that influence me. I do this usually a bit more stealthily in my humble opinion, than my previous point, but for more details, check out some of my earliest post here.

Finally, I’d like to discuss the Language of Darkness. It’s something that is present in both L&L and The Kanta Chronicles and hope to find a way to incorporate it into all my future works. In essence, the Language or Tongue of Darkness is a string of gurgling and grunting that only those born with the ability to can understand. And for someone to be able to understand it, and not be born to a parent/parents that can, is extremely rare. In The Kanta Chronicles, only Ladies of the Night can understand it; and in L&L only the angels of the Pit and their offspring can understand it. The exception to this is Lilith who when she first met Tartarus ate a special but rare crystal that allowed her to do so. And while Kara can understand thanks to the mental connection she shares with both her parents, her twin brother Shien cannot. And since that ties so nicely into my first point, I think that is where I will stop.

New Lucifer & Lilith Chapters and Updates

Ok, I’m sorry guys for not being here to tell you about everything going on in the world of Bolfodier, but in all honest I haven’t been focused on it lately. I’ve actually been trying to write the end to my other story Lucifer & Lilith: Love Leads To Sin. And I’m just about done; I just posted two of the final chapters over on FictionPress, so go check them out and let me know what you think. But be warned, Ch. 42 is really heavy and the reason I’ve taken so long in posting anything, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. And I’d also like to official announce that I’m going to try and properly publish L&L, so wish me luck. Also, I’m going to be posting some more L&L content on here for the next little bit, filling in some gaps that the story doesn’t really have time for, but I hope readers find interesting nonetheless.

The Write It Forward Event Is Officially Launched!

So awhile back I hinted at a special announcement due to come out soon. Well, today is that day. Today, I’m officially launching what I’m calling the Write It Forward Event; a chance for anyone and everyone interested in adding their own spin on the world of Bolfodier and potentially have it become canon. Full details are on the new Write It Forward page here on This is me handing one of the reins of creative control over to my readership, as well as a desperate bid to get some attention outside of those who know me personally. So please, let all those creative types you know know about this event.

Updates and Special Announcements

Ok, I know I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks and today isn’t my normal update day, but since the book’s publication, my sending of copies to the Kickstarter supports and a few reviews, I haven’t really had all that much to post. I’m awaiting reviews (which you can now post on this site (as well as the sites that the book is sold) to get a general feel for the reception that you as my readers are giving me. Though the sample size is small, and potentially biased, I’m happy to report initial reactions of those who’ve told me they’ve read it is good. I’m going to wait until the middle of September to give an official overview of the reviews, but I hope this optimistic trend continues.

Also coming within the next month, to give people time to read the book and spread the word, I have a special announcement in the works. I’m not going to give any more details than that at the moment, but I think it has the potential to help make this book take the world by storm.

I’m also happy to announce that you can now buy The Kanta Chronicles at the store where I work, Valu-mart in Minden, Ontario. Supplies are currently limited, as well as hard covers, but the more we sell the more that can be shipped to the store for all your cottage country reading needs. And I truly believe that The Kanta Chronicles has something for everyone: magic, romance, action, betrayal, a grand battle, secret societies. All that’s missing is a partridge in a pear tree. So don’t miss out on this great read and a great opportunity to have a meet-n-greet with the author at his other job!

Updates & Previews to Other Works

So I’d like to take this time to give you all an update in the publishing process. I’ve sent in the final interior layout of the book, making sure everything is spelled correctly and there aren’t any repeated passages and the like. So hopefully, now that I’ve paid the last of the bill, the marketing of the book is all that is really left. Now, many of you have asked when I thought the book would be out and I had said around the start of June of this year; unfortunately, I think that may have to be pushed back a little. To be on the safe side I’m going to say that it will be out by Halloween, but I don’t think you will have to wait all that long. But now that I’m about to enter the true marketing portion of this launch, I’m asking once again for your help in spreading the word. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and even Tinder are all great ways to spread the word about The Kanta Chronicles. I know you all have done so much for me already, but I promise you I’ve already given you the truest heartfelt Thank You I can give at the start of the book.

But to show you how much I appreciate the support, here’s a brief synopsis of my next work taking place in Bolfodier and a snippet from my currently on hiatus story Lucifer & Lilith: Love Leads To Sin. And to anyone who is anxiously awaiting the conclusion to L&L, I truly apologize but hope to start posting chapters soon.


Hundreds of years after the events of The Kanta Chronicles, seven chosen by destiny to be the embodiment of the elements come together to repair the damage done to the world during the time of the Taint and birth a new generation of dragons into the world.


As Lilith walked out of the earthly palace and out onto the field that surrounded it, she heard Daciana run up to her. Stopping to let the large wolf catch up to her, Lilith looked to the sky and gazed upon Artiluna, remembering the promise of Nyx’s return. She stood standing there, gazing at the celestial body that had once been the pedestal where she was given life, until Daciana’s insistent nudging at her breast became too much to ignore. Turning her attention back to her beloved daughter, Lilith gave her a small smile. “I’m sorry, sweetheart,” she said as she climbed upon the wolf’s back. “Let’s go home,” she whispered into her ear while giving it a light scratch. Daciana leaned into Lilith’s scratching hand for a brief moment before taking off towards their sanctuary.

Once they were within the clearing, Lilith dismounted Daciana and walked to the centre where her pedestal had stood only a day before. Kneeling down as she had done for the past year, Lilith brought her hands up before her chest and pressed her fingers and palms together as she began to pray. “O Heavenly Father, I wish to thank You for bringing Lucifer back to me in good health. You know how worried I’ve been about him this past year, and to see him again was the fulfilment of my greatest wish.”

Lifting her chin in search of something that she could never see, she brought her hands to her breast, her heart. “And now, my love, I pray to you. Forgive me, for I know I broke our heart when I did not say that I love you before I left yesterday. I have no excuse and can only hope that you remembered my love only belongs to you now. And that I need you with me always, but know that is something that can never happen. I love you, Lucifer and you alone.” And like she had done for the past year, Lilith stood and drew her right pointer and middle fingers across her lips and flicked them to the sky, as if she was throwing her prayers up to Heaven.

Turning in search of Daciana, Lilith found the wolf a few feet behind her. Falling back to her knees, Lilith opened up her arms in a silent plea for her daughter to come to her. Understanding her mother’s plight, Daciana calmly walked to Lilith before sitting at her knees. Lilith immediately threw her arms around the great wolf’s neck, as she started to cry like she hadn’t cried since she found out that Lucifer had been hurt.

For hours and hours she cried. Tears of joy that Lucifer had finally awoken and confessed himself to her, and the day they’d spent together yesterday. Tears of pain that she hadn’t said that she loved him one last time. Tears of confusion at why she felt twinges of guilt at betraying Adam like she and Lucifer had. And finally, tears for the sake of tears to purge out all the negativity she felt within herself. When she felt that she had no more tears to cry, she pulled away from Daciana and noticed that the fur at her neck was so wet that it looked like she’d gone swimming.

Standing up, emanating loud cracks from her stiff knees as they were stretched, Lilith kissed the spot between Daciana’s eyes that was slightly caved in. Scratching behind both ears, Lilith smiled down at the wolf. “I’m sorry for soaking your neck, Daciana. But I’m thankful you’re always there for me, darling. I love you,” she said sincerely as she gazed deep into the grey eyes of the wolf. When Daciana jumped up onto her hind legs and placed her front paws upon Lilith’s shoulders, Lilith nearly collapsed under her weight. But when she started to lick Lilith’s face, all Lilith could do was laugh gaily. And then the next thing she knew, the two of them were wrestling in the grass like they had done when Daciana was a pup.

Lilith felt her heart lighten at the joy of play wrestling with Daciana, who she could tell was using a fraction of her strength so as not to hurt her mother. Around and around they rolled, as Lilith laughed and tried to keep the large wolf beneath her but to no avail. How she had missed this simple joy of playing with her pup.

But when Daciana tensed atop of her and started to growl deep in her throat, Lilith knew that her fun was over. Wondering who was disturbing her solitude, she looked around as best she could beneath the great wolf, worrying that Adam had come to fetch her. But it wasn’t her Lord Husband she saw at the clearing’s centre.

It was Nyx. And she wasn’t alone, for at her side was another angel as black as she was. But this other angel was male and strong; his arms were as wide as Lilith’s body each, and he was nearly half again her height. His wings were like a bat’s, with a thick, sharp claw at the top. His eyes had no irises and were the deepest black she’d ever seen. The sight of this second dark angel sent a shiver up Lilith’s spine.

Getting up off of her, Daciana began to growl more openly towards the two angels. But then the male began to gurgle and grunt just as Nyx had the day before. And suddenly, to Lilith’s great surprise, Daciana seemed to bow down to the two angels, if not a little grudgingly. Lilith had never seen the wolf bow to anyone, not even her.

Jumping up, Lilith ran to her daughter and tried to get her to rise back up, but nothing seemed to work. Rounding back on Nyx and her companion, and drawing upon herself the air of authority she’d tapped into yesterday, Lilith began her rant. “Nyx, you will tell your companion to release Daciana from his control at once! Let my daughter go! NOW! Is this how you treat your Mistress, Nyx?”

Bowing her head shamefully, Nyx turned to the other angel and spoke in that same language he’d spoken. After what appeared to be a plea from Nyx to do as she was asking, the other angel relented. And with a grunted gurgle, Daciana straightened up and began to growl in her throat quietly. But when Lilith petted her head lightly and cooed to her, the wolf stopped.

“Who is this Nyx, and why is he here?” she demanded of the dark angel.

“This, Mistress, is Tartarus, the ruler of the Pit, and my father. And he is here to help me in the task Master set me. To create a part of the day that honours your beauty, to bring the night,” she said in a meek voice, but with a bold look on her face.

Startled by the revelation of Nyx’s relation to this other angel and who he was, Lilith bowed her head. “It’s an honour to meet you Tartarus, and I appreciate the help you’ve come to give.” This Tartarus certainly looked like a ruler, one Lilith didn’t want to get on the bad side of. Especially when Lucifer was not here to protect her. “Is there anything you need my help with, or am I free to go distract my Lord Husband from noticing what you’re about to do?”

Nyx turned to her father and spoke to him in their own tongue. But rather than give a response to the question, Tartarus pulled a blacker-than-black crystal from the pouch on his hip. With the clawed tip of one of his bat-like wings, he pulled down the top of Nyx’s dress, revealing her breasts. While Nyx seemed unfazed by this, Lilith blushed at the sight of the angel’s breasts, but couldn’t help comparing them to her own.

Next, Nyx lied down flat on her back as her father crushed the crystal in his hand and began to sprinkle the dust upon her nipples. Once every last particle was on Nyx’s chest, Tartarus grabbed, none too gently, Lilith’s hand and with one of his long fingernails, cut her palm open. Lilith cried out in pain, but the two angels ignored her. Turning her palm over, Tartarus let her blood drip onto Nyx’s breasts until all the crystal particles were coated in the red liquid.

Releasing Lilith’s hand, Tartarus spoke softly to Nyx. Angered by his treatment of her, Lilith gazed upon him with a burning hatred that she didn’t know she was capable of feeling. She was about to lunge at the dark angel when Nyx’s voice stopped her. “Mistress, please, my father begs your forgiveness and says that all will be explained once you’ve licked my breasts clean.” Lilith looked to the dark angel on the ground as if she had just said the sky was green, not blue. “It’s to help with the ritual we must perform,” Nyx added seeing Lilith’s reaction to her previous statement.

Seeing no other alternative, Lilith knelt down and bent over Nyx’s chest and began to lick up the blood and crushed crystal. The taste was bitter on her tongue, but Lilith pushed herself to lick the breasts clean. Standing up and wiping her chin with the back of her left hand, Lilith turned to Tartarus. “The next time you need something from me, you can ask nicely, rather than taking it by force.”

Tartarus shock with laughter, which only made Lilith angrier. His laughs were deep and throaty, but didn’t seem to reach his blank eyes. “I take what I want, when I want, child. And I think it’s time you showed me some proper respect. Kneel before me, and I may forgive your impertinence.

Lilith was completely taken aback by what she’d just heard. The gurgles and grunts of Tartarus’ speech had been the same to her ears, but somehow she had understood what he had said. What else had the bloody crystal powder done to her, she wondered. “My impertinence? You have come to my home and sanctuary, unannounced, and have done nothing but impose your will in a very brutish fashion. Perhaps those pit-less eyes of yours failed to notice that we are not in the Pit, but on Earth, where I am the ruler here.”

Lilith didn’t even have time to react as his hand came up and backhanded her with such force that she was sent flying to the edge of the clearing. Looking up, she saw Tartarus jump into the air, and then the next second he was at her side. With one hand, he reached down, grabbed her throat and lifted her up into the air. “I am Tartarus! I rule wherever I go. Now, my daughter owes you a debt and I’ve come to make sure it is paid. Be thankful I haven’t blanketed this world in darkness, as I could easily do, for my power is greater even than your lover’s.” His smile was the most disturbing and evil thing Lilith had ever seen in her life, it nearly stopped her heart.

That may be father, but she speaks the truth. This is her home, and you have been quite rude to the one who let your favourite daughter go after her three hundred years of captivity.“Nyx said, having concealed her breasts once again and flown over to them. The look she was giving her father was the equal of anything her father had thrown at Lilith. “Put her down, apologize for your behaviour and let us finish our business here. I grow weaker by the second and do not wish to be captured again.

Setting Lilith down, Tartarus turned to his daughter and said, “It was your own fault you were captured, and that Azazel was killed and converted. Your brother was counting on you!” Finally turning back to Lilith, he said, “Please forgive me, Mistress Lilith. I have offended the hospitality you showed me and my daughter, and for that I am sorry.” His head was bowed contritely, but due to his lack of irises, Lilith couldn’t tell if he was being truthful or not. “Shall we commence?” he asked to both Lilith and Nyx.


As most people who read these posts are aware, I like to keep them as timely as possible. And with this past Wednesday being my cousin Jessica’s wedding, as well as finding out that my friend Devon got engaged over last weekend, I think this week’s post is going to be about weddings. So here’s Pan and Iselda’s wedding scene from the book.

Pan was waiting at the makeshift altar at the top of the steps in the throne room. His hands were sweating and he couldn’t take his eyes off his feet. He was dressed in the traditional Brarian ceremonial robes: black pants and shirt, a white jacket with gold embroidery along its neck and down along the edges, and a black, floor-length cape with the blood red ‘K’s of the Royal seal. Shade, who was standing beside Pan, put a hand on his shoulder and urged him to look up.
Walking into the room were two women. Marina, who looked absolutely dazzling in her purple dress, was leading a teary eyed goddess into the room. No, not a goddess – it was Iselda! She looked indescribable! There were no words that could even scratch the surface of the beauty she had at that moment.
And suddenly, she was there, standing before him. His breath was caught in his chest; his heart felt like it was about to erupt, beating like it wanted to create a rhythm for all of Braria to hear.
“Pan…” It was barely a whisper, but she covered her mouth as if she’d shouted.
“Will you marry me, Iselda?”
“…Yes!” This time she did shout.
Shade and Marina had climbed to the top of the platform and were now facing the crowd, a crowd that seemed well over the ten or so people Pan had planned on. Between the four of them was a small marble table that held a single goblet made of pure Brarian silver. “The sacred covenants of marriage are not to be entered into lightly,” declared Shade.
“They are an eternally binding agreement between two willing parties. Love must be present in their hearts, yet sacrifices are required to prosper. Panken and Iselda understand the requirements of this world and of the spirits in the next, and they are ready to pay the debts required,” Marina told the gathered masses.
“Iselda, as Panken’s wife, you would be the Queen of Braria. That title brings heavy burdens; none as heavy as the clause to the people stating you will do all in your power to protect and lead them to prosperity. Can you lead and protect us in such ways, giving your life if necessary?”
“I-I can. I will give my all for the betterment of this country and her people. I give my word as Iselda Ness.”
“Good. Now do you forever promise to love Panken; to make him happy and peaceful to the highest degree?” asked Shade.
“Yes, I will please him in every way I can,” she declared with a wink to Pan.
“Give me your hand,” Shade demanded. Iselda gave the hand closest to him. Taking an ornate knife from his belt, Shade sliced her palm open. She let out a gasp and turned to glare at him. He turned her hand over and let the blood flow into the goblet that rested between the four of them. “As proof to your words, the crown demands blood payment.” Iselda simply bowed her head to his explanation.
“Panken, for the past ten years, you have ruled as the Nifehan of Braria. You will have no real changes to your duties, only your title. As king though, you must put your people above yourself or even your queen. Can you live with the terms as set down by the first king?” demanded Marina.
“I’m still dedicated to my country and I will always do what is necessary for my people.”
“Good. Now do you promise to forever make Iselda happy and peaceful to the highest degree?”
“Her happiness will always be the most important thing to me; save that of my people,” Pan declared.
“Give me your hand.” Marina took the knife from Shade. Pan handed her his closer hand, which she sliced the palm of and let the blood drop into the silver goblet.
“Iselda,” Shade said, “by your oath, your love, and now your blood you are forever bound to Panken Kanta.”
“Panken,” said Marina, “by your oath, your love, and now your blood you are forever bound to Iselda Ness.
Now they spoke in unison. “Take the cup with your blood and feed it to your spouse.” The bride and groom did as instructed, drinking their fill. “Now, by our power, and in the presence of these witnesses, we declare you wed! Let the world know: Braria has a new king and queen!” There was an uproar as the ceremony concluded. The crowd roared louder as Iselda flung herself at Pan and kissed him.
When she finally pulled away, there were tears in her eyes but she was smiling the biggest smile Pan had ever seen her wear. That smile alone made his heart skip a beat. “You look…beyond verbal description,” he whispered in her ear over all the noise. She just held herself tighter to him as he led her to the ballroom where tables created an empty space big enough for half the guests to dance in, and musicians playing all kinds of instruments started playing an upbeat piece that told the surprisingly true story of a certain Clowian maiden and the unusual relationship she had with a bear.

This isn’t the full chapter, but is the start of chapter 20. I hope you enjoy, and once again congratulations to
Jessica Cuthbert and Corey Lauer and Devon Enright and Sarah Freeman; I wish you guys all the best in your futures together.