Origins of The Reckoning

One of the many things that I took as influences when writing The Kanta Chronicles was TV. As I’ve previously said, my influences are a wide array of trivia, entertainment, history, religions, mythologies and the works of other writers. So it should come as no surprise that a crucial aspect of the story came from my obsession with TV. In particular, the concept of Reckonings came from the eighth episode of season three of the fantastic BBC show Merlin called The Eye of the Phoenix. And if anyone has ever watched this episode, they will know how blatantly I took the concept and rituals of Reckonings from it. But one thing that I didn’t take from the episode is how the Reckonings of the three male Kantas seen in the book were instrumental in how their time as King was perceived. Leo, Pan’s father, was a king respected and renowned for his ability to speak to people from different points of view; something he honed during his year spent in silence studying people in three different countries across Bolfodier. Pan, whose rule (while not completely shown in the book) was one remembered by his subjects and contemporaries for his great base of knowledge in nearly all aspects of his world; a knowledge base that was greatly aggregated by his finding and hoarding of the Valin Twins’ library and the books contained within. And Shade, whose rule is highly influenced by righting the wrongs committed in the past and shedding new light on taboo topics, had a Reckoning that forced him to confront wrongs committed nearly thirteen thousand years ago and attempt to begin the (inter)national healing needed.

And these connections are not on accident (retroactively introduced, but no accident). The Reckoning of any Brarian prince is meant to be seen as a forging of the prince into the king he will become. In the exposition about the Reckoning dumped at the start of the third part of the book, it states that failing in accomplishing the goal of the quest chosen is not an option. And that’s because should a prince fail, it means he will fail the kingdom; failing to complete one’s Reckoning shows that you are not (for lack of a better term) man enough to rule, and that immaturity proves that the prince that fails is unworthy of the crown.

End of L&L Coming Soon

Well, look at this: I’m actually ahead of the schedule I set for myself and finished Lucifer & Lilith before Christmas. But don’t get too excited, this just means I have more time to procrastinate-I mean plan out my work, which by the looks of things will be my old school project Supernaturalis Mortem. Hope everyone is ready for magic, curses, Romans and Slasher movie tropes.

Patreon Launch

Hey everyone, just in case you missed it, I thought I’d let you all know that I started a Patreon page for myself to help give me the time to write more, so that I can potentially publish more. There’s lots of cool perks to becoming a Patron so don’t be afraid to donate. Just so you’re all aware though, I’ve marked on Patreon that my works include adult content; but this is merely a warning to anyone thinking that my works don’t contain sex and/or violence when they do. If you’ve read my works on FictionPress or The Kanta Chronicles novel, you’ll know that while there is sex and violence, it’s tame when compared to the works of others.

Removal of The Kanta Chronicles on Fictionpress

After much internal debate, and the knowledge that the book’s been released for over a year, I’ve decided to remove the three stories that became The Kanta Chronicles from the writing platform Fictionpress. Fictionpress is where I first started putting my writing out into the world, and where I was given the first incentive to actually publish my works. To everyone who took the time to read these stories and found any interest in them, thank you; I hope the changes I made in the book didn’t leave you feeling cheated. I still intend to use Fictionpress to test the waters with my new stories, and I will try to post chapters in a more regular interval. But in all honesty, I’ll post when I can force myself to sit down and write for more than five minutes.

One Year Later

As it’s been just about a year since the release of The Kanta Chronicles, and I haven’t posted anything on here for a couple of months, I wanted to take the time to give an bit of an update on the book. Over the past year I’ve given away and have had copies of the book bought from me in roughly the amount I expected. While I’m always carrying a couple of copies with me on the chance I run into someone wanting to read the book, to my limited knowledge only about 50 people or so have a copy. Now obviously I’d like that number to have a few more zeroes on the end, but as the old adage says ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ and alas, I’m sadly a beggar at this stage in life. But the good news is that for those of you who I’ve heard back from with regards to the book, the overall feedback has been quite positive. And that will always put a smile on my face, to hear that others enjoy my writing. But there is one thing that I request you do with those bouts of positive feedback-leave a review here at or at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Chapters/Indigo where by simply searching for The Kanta Chronicles, you can leave your thoughts. Even if you have only bad things to say, still leave your reviews. I can’t improve unless you, my readers tell me how to improve; and I want to be better for you.

Many of you have also asked about a potential sequel to the novel; and to answer your questions, yes I do have one in mind that I intend to write sometime in the future, but when I do is still up in the air. I’ve yet to finish my Lucifer and Lilith story (found here but once I do, I’ll be starting on either my sequel idea or another story combining 80’s slasher tropes with ancient magic in Roman times. Details on these stories can also be found on my fictionpress account.

Lastly, I’d like to say the HUGEST THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to everyone who has supported this endeavour (and by extension me) over the years. I hope you enjoy The Kanta Chronicles and all the upcoming material from yours truly.

Pronunciation Guide

So, for those of you who’ve read x portion of the book, you’ll have undoubtedly realized that some of the names of people and places are a little hard to pronounce. So this week’s post is going to be my guide to how you pronounce those names properly. I’ll write the word out how it should be said using real words to break down the pronunciation. The brackets will indicate a section of a word that is used, rather than the whole word; i.e. (li)brar(y) indicates that the brar sound from the word library is how you would pronounce the first syllable in Braria. Capitalized letters will be read as that letter, whereas lower case letters will be read as the sound that letter makes; i.e. T is read like t-shirt, but f is read like the ph sound in photo.

Bolfodier- bowl foe die are
Braria- (li)brar(y) E a
Toxai- tox(ic) A
OJA- O ja(r)
Victorinox- victor in ox
Terang- t rang
Nosiop- noise E op
Noigler- noi(se) g (Chand)ler
Vagala- vag(ina) a la
Valva- valve a
Valya- val(ue) yeah
Cawdor- caw door
Holista- holist(er) a
Gothtor- goth tore
Nefas- knee fas(t)
Pitag- pit tag
Ichmensch- (f)ish mens ch(eer)
Vanus- van us
Clowia- k low E a
Blackreich- black Reich
Valle Ragaz- val(ley) ra(t) ga zz

Panken- pan ken
Iselda- is L (zel)da
Jazabel- jazz a bell
Brudas- brew d ass
Hados- hay dough s
Korena- core E na

That’s all the important names that come up more than once and I hope this helps all of you better hear the world the novel takes place as you read it. But if there’s something that I left out, or you’re still unsure on something, leave a comment on this post and I’ll update it or try to better explain it.

Where To Buy The Book

OMG! OMG! OMG! Guys, the day has finally come! The Kanta Chronicles is officially listed on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Chapters websites (which are the links above). If you supported me on my Kickstarter, you’ll be getting a copy shortly; but for those of you who didn’t, please feel free to buy one now. And don’t forget to leave a review or two and rate the book while you’re there. I know it seems a little expensive, but please remember that I’m still a struggling author and that this is my first book. But once again, thank you to all of you, I couldn’t have done this without you and all the support that you’ve all given.