Updates, And Lucifer & Lilith Lore

Surprisingly, I was able to finish writing Lucifer & Lilith ahead of the latest schedule I had made for myself the last time I posted here a few weeks ago, so YAY to me! So, in order to boost interest in that story, I’m going to be releasing some background info on minor points brought up in that story for the next couple of updates. Hopefully, there won’t be weeks/months between those posts. I’m going to be taking the time between now and the new year to go through that story to ensure it’s ready to send to publishers so that I can hopefully publish it on a wider scale than what The Kanta Chronicles got.

Towards the end of L&L I introduced the events known as the Raping of the Fallen. And in the penultimate chapter, I mention a Mixling by the name of Cadel, daughter of Sif and angel of the Pit Disruptar. All of these characters are minor (Cadel and her father Disruptar are first introduced in this chapter), but even minor characters can be intriguing and have an interesting backstory. While Cadel, is an obvious homage to the character of the same name in The Kanta Chronicles (one of many connections the stories share), it’s her parents’ stories that I’d like to explore.

Sif is named after the Norse goddess. In all honesty, I don’t know much about her mythology outside the fact that she’s Thor’s wife; I think she might be a Valkyrie but I’m not sure. In regards to L&L, Sif is one of the fallen angels from Lucifer’s rebellion; she’s a warrior, but not part of the boarder garrisons. And all though she’s only been in the Pit a short time before the first Raping took place, in that time she had developed an attraction to an angel of the Pit named Nirnasha. Before the Raping, Sif had even hinted that she’d be open to a relationship with him. But, when during the first Raping, Nirnasha was raping Sif’s friend Selene, Sif was devastated.

Even worse was when she was attacked during the second Raping by an angel of the Pit she absolutely hated: Disruptar. For his part, Disruptar hates Sif too, and his raping of her was meant to show this. But despite the fact that they hate each other, Sif and Disruptar are actually quite similar. Both are warriors, unbound to any sect or garrison, both vie for their daughter’s allegiance over the other (using similar tactics of lies, manipulation and threats). But in all honesty, these similarities shouldn’t come as a surprise since Heolstor used bits of the remnants that God used when creating Sif to create Disruptar.

And if anyone wishes to get a more in-depth celestial/chthonic flow chart/family tree I’d be happy to give it to them.

End of L&L Coming Soon

Well, look at this: I’m actually ahead of the schedule I set for myself and finished Lucifer & Lilith before Christmas. But don’t get too excited, this just means I have more time to procrastinate-I mean plan out my work, which by the looks of things will be my old school project Supernaturalis Mortem. Hope everyone is ready for magic, curses, Romans and Slasher movie tropes.

New Lucifer & Lilith Chapters and Updates

Ok, I’m sorry guys for not being here to tell you about everything going on in the world of Bolfodier, but in all honest I haven’t been focused on it lately. I’ve actually been trying to write the end to my other story Lucifer & Lilith: Love Leads To Sin. And I’m just about done; I just posted two of the final chapters over on FictionPress, so go check them out and let me know what you think. But be warned, Ch. 42 is really heavy and the reason I’ve taken so long in posting anything, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. And I’d also like to official announce that I’m going to try and properly publish L&L, so wish me luck. Also, I’m going to be posting some more L&L content on here for the next little bit, filling in some gaps that the story doesn’t really have time for, but I hope readers find interesting nonetheless.

Patreon Launch


Hey everyone, just in case you missed it, I thought I’d let you all know that I started a Patreon page for myself to help give me the time to write more, so that I can potentially publish more. There’s lots of cool perks to becoming a Patron so don’t be afraid to donate. Just so you’re all aware though, I’ve marked on Patreon that my works include adult content; but this is merely a warning to anyone thinking that my works don’t contain sex and/or violence when they do. If you’ve read my works on FictionPress or The Kanta Chronicles novel, you’ll know that while there is sex and violence, it’s tame when compared to the works of others.

Removal of The Kanta Chronicles on Fictionpress

After much internal debate, and the knowledge that the book’s been released for over a year, I’ve decided to remove the three stories that became The Kanta Chronicles from the writing platform Fictionpress. Fictionpress is where I first started putting my writing out into the world, and where I was given the first incentive to actually publish my works. To everyone who took the time to read these stories and found any interest in them, thank you; I hope the changes I made in the book didn’t leave you feeling cheated. I still intend to use Fictionpress to test the waters with my new stories, and I will try to post chapters in a more regular interval. But in all honesty, I’ll post when I can force myself to sit down and write for more than five minutes.

One Year Later

As it’s been just about a year since the release of The Kanta Chronicles, and I haven’t posted anything on here for a couple of months, I wanted to take the time to give an bit of an update on the book. Over the past year I’ve given away and have had copies of the book bought from me in roughly the amount I expected. While I’m always carrying a couple of copies with me on the chance I run into someone wanting to read the book, to my limited knowledge only about 50 people or so have a copy. Now obviously I’d like that number to have a few more zeroes on the end, but as the old adage says ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ and alas, I’m sadly a beggar at this stage in life. But the good news is that for those of you who I’ve heard back from with regards to the book, the overall feedback has been quite positive. And that will always put a smile on my face, to hear that others enjoy my writing. But there is one thing that I request you do with those bouts of positive feedback-leave a review here at http://www.bolfodier.ca/?page_id=216 or at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Chapters/Indigo where by simply searching for The Kanta Chronicles, you can leave your thoughts. Even if you have only bad things to say, still leave your reviews. I can’t improve unless you, my readers tell me how to improve; and I want to be better for you.

Many of you have also asked about a potential sequel to the novel; and to answer your questions, yes I do have one in mind that I intend to write sometime in the future, but when I do is still up in the air. I’ve yet to finish my Lucifer and Lilith story (found here https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3165335/1/Lucifer-Lilith-Love-Leads-To-Sin) but once I do, I’ll be starting on either my sequel idea or another story combining 80’s slasher tropes with ancient magic in Roman times. Details on these stories can also be found on my fictionpress account.

Lastly, I’d like to say the HUGEST THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to everyone who has supported this endeavour (and by extension me) over the years. I hope you enjoy The Kanta Chronicles and all the upcoming material from yours truly.

Character Profile: Nikki Evelyn Kanta

Ok, so I know I haven’t posted anything in like 2 months, and I apologize for that (again my laziness is to blame, as with most delays in my works). But to make it up to you all, I’m going to give you a deeper look at one of the two characters that I named after myself, Nikki Kanta. And if anyone can find the other character, I’ll give you a special prize.

To start off, I thought I’d give you all an insight into the mind of my editor, who not only took the time to proof the story twice before publication, but to also answer my anxiety riddled questions on if I was any good and the like. I liked Nikki the most. I’m not sure I can explain why. I think because of her innocence and kindness, and how she is able to accept and support her brother’s bond with Jazabel even though she has her doubts and some jealousy at times. This was her response to who her favourite character was and to be honest I was a little surprised. I’ve already admitted who my favourite characters were (although I can’t really say that I have a definitive least favourite character), but to have someone say a character that isn’t your favourite is a bit weird the first time you encounter it. It’s like someone saying that their favourite Harry Potter character is Ron: as a main character it’s a total possibility but with how great Harry, Hermione and some of the other Weasleys are, it may be a bit disjointed to your opinions. And to have that experience, I’m truly grateful to my editor (not to mention everything else she did for the Kanta Chronicles).

For those of you who haven’t read the FictionPress version of the book, one of the things that I added to Nikki’s character was her relationship with Romulus. And while the book doesn’t give a whole lot of history between them, there is in the lore I’ve laid out for the world of Bolfodier. At the start of part two, Iselda mentions that Romulus, Shade and Nikki have all been having play-dates together and have become friends. Over the years, Romulus of course falls in love with Nikki; and while Nikki has always known this, she never does anything to deter his feelings. And although it would have been nearly impossible for her to not love Shade, had Braria rejected their love, it would have been Romulus who she would have taken as her husband. Shade would have been upset, but realizing it would have been the best of a bad situation, he would have never said a word (also, he would have chosen Jazabel, so he didn’t really have a right to complain, knowing how Nikki initially thought of her).

Another thing that isn’t really mentioned in the book is that Nikki is the older of the twins and what that means. On the day that Shade and Nikki were born, Iselda demanded that Sabrina never reveal which twin is older to anyone, fearing it may lead to strife between the two of them over who is the rightful ruler. So the fact that Iselda reveals that Nikki was born first in her letter is a very big deal, as she is essentially declaring Nikki the heir apparent to the throne, when everyone just assumed that Shade was the eldest and therefore the heir. This is actually a staple of my writing: the female twin is always the eldest, and usually the more powerful of the two.

Disney Princess Cinematic Universe

So I was watching YouTube and came across a video that suggested that Disney may be thinking about making a MCU style movie starring their Princess line up. And so inspired by the video and host’s call to action, I wrote a short synopsis of what I thought such a movie would look like. Let me know what you think, but to truly understand everything (jokes, nods etc.) you should be a bit of a Disney-phile.


Character Profile: Sabrina

I’m going to come out and just say that Sabrina was named after the titular teenage witch. Foolish I know, but my influences are nearly legion, and she was one of the first characters I created for the story back when I was 16 (so cut me a little slack!). But despite her being a figment of my imagination, I feel Sabrina is one of my realest characters in the novel. She’s kind, unassuming, and aware of and slightly afraid of her full power. As she grew up in an environment that forced her to use her magic for selfish purposes, she swore to herself when she ran away from Vagala that she’d only use her magic to help those in need rather than herself. She actually reminds me of an old friend from high school that I had. Except for her bisexuality, that’s purely more of my being a teenager when I wrote her.